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Premium Gel Heel Lifts

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Sold in pairs, premium range Gel Heel Lifts for exceptional comfort.

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    Gel Heel Lifts
  • http://www.medifoot.co.uk/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/p/r/premium-gel-heel-lifts.jpg
    Premium Gel Heel Lifts
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About Premium Gel Heel Lifts

These heel lifts are used primarily used for the following purposes:

Height Increase
Achilles Pain
Leg Length Discrepancy
Foot / Heel Pain

They consist of 3 layers each which are made from a unique honeycomb like gel material which is specifically designed to absorb shocks and vibrations whilst also effectively distributing weight of the body on the heel of the foot. The heel lifts are able to do this by automatically adjusting their shape and wrapping themselves around the heel of the foot when weight is placed on them.

The surface of the top layer is made from a soft non-slip material which prevents friction, rubbing and moisture build up.

Use of this insole is simple and quick to setup. Simply place the primary layer, along with any of the included additional layers into a shoe. Ensure it is positioned so that the heel of your foot is over the heighest part of the gel heel lift. Your foot should comfortably fit into the shoe over the top of the layers. If you are using the lift for leg length discrepancy reasons, you will only need to use one (of the pair sold). 


The following is a breakdown of the heights of each of the 3 layers.

Primary layer (top): approx 2.0cm (0.87inch)

Middle layer: approx 1.6cm (0.62inch)

Bottom layer: approx 1.4cm (0.55inch)

Customer Reviews

"Use this product only for social events, nights out, clubbing etc.. for which I look taller and go home with comfortable feet and knees!"

E Nguyen

"Worth the extra money to go for this one, very good value."

Sam S

"In my opinion these premium type lifts are much better than the standard transparent gel insoles also sold by MediFoot. The comfort of these surprised me, i'm on my feet all day 5 days a week and so needed something that wouldn't bother me, in fact my feet are even more comfortable wearing them than without."

Ms Stone

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