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Ball of Foot Cushion

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Quick Overview

Sold in pairs
Reduces pressure on the ball of the foot

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Use this product by simply placing in your shoe at the region of where the ball of the foot is positioned. It is fixed in place by the use of an adhesive backing which features on it's rear.

This ball of foot cushion incorporates a leather surface that feels great on the skin of your feet, together with a unique monolithic rubber surface specially designed to reduce the pressure on the ball of the foot. The special design ensures that the cushion moulds around the ball of the foot and therefore distributes the weight of the body over a larger surface area. This product is an excellent choice for anyone suffering from (or trying to avoid) ball of foot pain.

Customer Reviews

"I expected a good product and got one. The pictures basically just show how this product is. The adhesive backing keeps the pad in place and I use these in all my high heeled shoes now."

Susie H

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