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Heel Lifts are used for a wide range of purposes - most commonly for height increase, leg length discrepancies and heel pain. All our heel lifts are designed with precision engineering to ensure durability, comfort and fitness for purpose. As can be seen in the illustration above, the heel lifts simply slot into your existing shoe and can be used immediately. Most of our lifts come with multiple layers for adjustments to the height increase to suit the user. Some offer more height than others and some even contain an air pocket offering exception comfort and shock absorption - which may also reduce spinal shrinkage with years of walking, running or simply being on your feet.

Heel Lifts

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  1. Gel Heel Lifts

    Gel Heel Lifts

    > SKU004
    Sold in pairs, consists of 6 components being 2 primary layers and 4 additional layers

  2. Gel Heel Lifts

    Premium Gel Heel Lifts

    > SKU005
    Sold in pairs, premium range Gel Heel Lifts for exceptional comfort.

  3. Adjustable Heel Lifts

    Adjustable Heel Lifts

    > SKU007
    Sold in pairs Comprises of 3 layers being 1 main layer and 2 additional layers

  4. Invisible Heel Lifts

    Invisible Heel Lifts

    > SKU008

    Sold in pairs

    Height Increase: 2.5cm /1 inch (approx)

  5. Premium Executive Heel Lifts

    Premium Executive Heel Lifts

    > SKU009

    Sold in pairs
    Increase of 5cm / 2 inches (approximate)

  6. Executive Heel Lifts

    Executive Heel Lifts

    > SKU0010

    Sold in pairs

    Consists of 2 layers

    Total thickness 5cm (approx)

  7. Air Heel Lifts

    Air Heel Lifts

    > SKU0011

    Sold in pairs
    Increase of 5 cm (approximate) 

  8. Half Length Heel Lift

    Half Length Heel Lift

    > SKU0012

    Sold in pairs
    5cm increase (approximate) 

8 Item(s)

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