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Adjustable Heel Lifts

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Quick Overview

Sold in pairs

Comprises of 3 layers being 1 main layer and 2 additional layers

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    Adjustable Heel Lifts
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    Adjustable Heel Lifts


The additional 2 layers that come with these insoles can be used optionally at the users discretion.

The primary uses of this product are for height increase, leg length discrepancies, heel pain, achilles pain and arch pain.

Adjustable Heel Lifts are a premium edition insole, designed and manufactured with extensive user testing for comfort, usability and durability for an exceptional product. Up to approximately 5cm / 2 inches can be acheived with these lifts. The main layer is designed in such a way that it incorporates a ergonomic surface for even better fitting and comfort. Each of the layers have a unique cushioning system that reduces shock and vibration when walking. This helps reduce spinal shrinkage caused by suffering from years of vibrations from the heel up through the body and into the vertebrae whilst walking.

Using Adjustable Heel lifts

Simply place main layer into your shoe, as you would with any normal insole. It is recommended that you use shoes that have laces, therefore it is recommended that you slightly lossen the laces of your shoe before placing your foot on top of the lift. If the insole needs trimming to fit the exact size of your shoe, this can be done with ease by cutting the thin part of the insole near the toe area. Most individuals who use the lifts for height increase will only use one layer of the insole to begin with, however they usually add the further layers gradually to increase their height.

Customer Reviews

"You can't go wrong with these heel lifts. I use all 3 layers with no problem and love it."

Nick B

"Definitely the best of all the height insoles. It's got the flexibility in the height with the 3 layer system and is very comfortable."

K Halcroft

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